AC Double Blender Specifications

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The mixed gas double blender blends CO2 and N2 to your specifications, primarily for a long draw beer system dispensing more than one type of beer requiring separate blends of CO2 and N2. Print Friendly and PDF

Blending Panels are specifically designed to fill the needs for beverage dispense.
AC Beverage builds an exclusive double blend blender and can customize the specific blend and/or blends of gas required for each application, from a single gas blend to a triple gas blend.
The Panel is a small wall-mounted unit that tucks neatly and safely out of the way. It is easy to install and is extremely dependable. The blenders require no electricity or on-going maintenance or adjustments. It can be used equally well with all sources of clean nitrogen and CO2 including high pressure cylinders, bulk tanks or separators. SPECIFICATIONS: br> Size: 9.5" wide (including mounting flanges) x 10" high x 4.5" deep
Hook-Up: Two inlet lines and two outlet lines. Fittings: Panel comes with standard 1/4" female NPT fittings. Hose barbs can be 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" size.
Accuracy and Flow Range: Maintains accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale or better within the flow range of .4 to 40 liters per minute (.85 to 85 cubic feet per hour).
Standard Flow: Up to 30 kegs/hr. dispensed.
High Flow Blender: Up to 60 kegs/hr. dispensed. Used for systems requiring two blends of C02 and N2 that operate with higher than usual gas flow.
Inlet Pressures: 55-150 psi, however, panel can be set to match any conditions. Blender tuned at inlet pressure of existing system. Standard 55 and 70 psi.
Outlet Pressures: Adjustable outlet pressures of 0-60 psi. The maximum outlet pressure will always be 10 psi lower than the lowest inlet pressure. The panel can also be ordered with outlet pressure set to custom ranges.

AC Double Blender

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